Elgi Encap Series

Elgi Always Better

With over 8 years of partnership between Total Air Supplies and Elgi Australia we are committed to providing our clients with world class technology when it comes to compressed Air.

With superior reliability, reduced service costs, minimal downtime and local support available as requested Elgi EN series are sure to meet the needs of your industrial workshop set up.

Elgi EN series screw compressors are designed to encapsulate all functional components and compressor Air end with in a common housing. With its small footprint, high reliability and low maintenance requirements, the compressors are ideal for all industrial applications where reliability, size and efficiency matter. All Elgi EN series compressors are available as a stand alone unit, or with optional receiver tank and refrigerated dryer to create a complete package.

Some key features below

  • Ranging from 2.2Kw to 15Kw ( 11cfm to 65cfm )
  • 100% Duty cycle
  • Industrial grade 3 phase induction motor
  • Efficient Air / oil separation –  Screw on type element
  • Neuron XT controller for ease of function and reliability
  • Avalible in VFD models for even more energy savings
  • Space saving design powered by Elgis eta-V Air end
  • Low cost of ownership
  • Backed and supported locally for fast turn around time and less down time for your business

Elgis Encapsulated Air compressor range has been tried and tested in industry for years. The encapsulated range has been supplied to industries requiring Compressed air up to 65Cfm.