Maxair Poly Pipe


Total Air Supplies provides a complete no-leak solution with its range of Maxair compressed air pipes including pipe fittings.

Maxair compressed air pipe is made only from virgin materials with a PE100 designation, meaning the pipe and socket fusion fittings have the highest minimum strength at 20°C and at a 50-year design lifetime. As the original proprietor and distributor of Maxair, Air Energy delivers air pipe systems with higher ratings for pressure, flow, corrosion resistance and oil compatibility than any other non-metallic industrial piping in the market.

Maxair is the original PE 100 blue line poly pipe that has set the industry standard for quality and reliability.

In addition to the unmatched pipework reliability, Maxair systems offer an extensive range of pipe components to deliver compressed air, ensuring that each system can be tailored to precisely meet the client’s needs. Choose from our selection of compression fittings, electrofusion fittings and socket fusion fittings.

High safety standards are paramount when dealing with compressed gases, which is why all Maxair PE100 components are manufactured to exceed current Australian safety standards. All Air Energy Maxair pipework systems are covered by a 50-year warranty, as per AS 4130 / AS 4131 designations.

Other features include fast installation, alterability, high resistance to chemicals/heat/corrosion, protection from metallic contaminants, low-friction surfaces and food-grade components. Underground applications are also possible with Maxair PE100 pipes’ high tolerance for pressure and low weight.

Our range of Maxair socket fitting pipe ensures leak-free connections, can withstand high heat, and can resist pressure and vibration. Our poly pipe compression fittings, socket fusion fittings, and electrofusion fittings are also suitable for applications such as drinking water distribution.