DS Filtration HYD Refrigeration Dryers

DS Filtration

DS Filtration offers the HYD series of refrigerated air dryers with models from 20cfm to 6353cfm.

Designed and constructed using the highest standards and materials, the HYD series range offers superior performance, reliability, durability and most of all great value.  Suitable for a wide range of compressed air applications, the HYD series can be integrated into any compressed air system where clean dry air is required.  The HYD Series are suitable for the varied Australian climates and complement our FP series range of Compressed Air Filters.

The principal behind refrigerant air drying is to lower the temperature of the compressed air from the compressor, as water vapour condenses out of the air more readily at lower temperatures. Once the water content of the air has liquefied (becomes condensate) it can be removed from the air stream, using an automatic drain.  By removing moisture before the compressed air travels downstream it reduces the damage to tools and machinery downstream from contamination, corrosion and freezing.

For further information on the HYD Series Refrigerated Air Dryers including refrigeration principal and technical data open our brochure.