Elgi Dessicant Dryers

The ELGi Airmate Desiccant Dryers operate by removing moisture through adsorption onto a granular desiccant bed from the air supply. Pneumatic Engineering offer the HLD range of models from 10 to 1050cfm for a wide range of industries and applications. View the range in this brochure.

These heatless adsorption desiccant dryers use activated alumina and molecular sieves as their desiccant media and are used in applications that require no moisture content. These include power production, food and beverage, oil and gas, pharmaceutical, and all cryogenic systems.

They operate by using a heatless twin tower system. The Airmate Desiccant Dryers then use compressed air flowing up through a packed bed of desiccant in tower one with water vapor being adsorbed. Meanwhile tower two is rapidly depressurized and the dry purge air from the outlet of tower one is fed through a purge valve, expanded to near atmospheric pressure, and counter-flowed down through tower two to affect the regeneration of its granular desiccant bed. When the desiccant in tower one becomes saturated with water vapor the air supply is switched back to tower two after it has been repressurized, and the cycle continues.

All HLD models above 5X feature a Dew Point Stretch Cycle that stretches the moisture loading time of the desiccant bed by increasing the drying time. A dew point meter at the outlet with a required dew point setting provides the signal for the stretch cycle, which reduces the purge air in accordance to the air flow and dew point chosen. The purge occurs for the pre-programmed time during this time.

The HLD models above 5X also include a Purge Optimizer to reduce the percentage of regeneration flow based on the front panel setting. With four options of 40%, 60%, 80% and 100% purge optimization cycles respectively. The settings correspond to flow or moisture load through the dryer. There are separate LED indicators for tower status, purge optimizer and condensate drain.